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Are you a blogger who is at a stage with your blog where you are ready to work with brands? Then this post is for you!

It’s a great feeling when a brand, or brand representative contacts you to chat about how you could work together to produce content that would benefit both involved.

It makes me really happy when I  hear that brands enjoy reading A Stylish Moment, and think that the blog would be a great fit to represent their brand!

However, when I first started blogging, I was a complete newby.

I had no idea how to put together a media kit, let alone how to approach a particular brand and convince them that I was a good fit for working with them.

I soon learnt that it’s more important as a blogger to continue to develop consistent and quality content, and worry less about working with brands, because eventually; these brands will come to you.

I knew that if I kept up my hard work of writing 3-4 posts a week, and formed consistent branding for my brand, thanks to the beauty of social media, those brands who would want to work with me would approach me – and they did.

Before even thinking about working with any brand, you need to do two things:

1. Value your blog. You must have some love for your own site! If you love your blog and truly value it, then others will too.

2. Have Google Analytics installed for your blog. This is a universal stat counter that brands will use when looking at your digital presence and is great for tracking multiple stats for your page.

Brands need to know two key stats: Unique Visitors (UV), and Page Views (PV’s). Brands are also interested in the return visitor % on your page as well.

Other tips:

– Talk talk talk – be active! Why would a brand want to work with you if you are only active on your site or social media page 1-2 times a week? You need to be constantly present and active on all your networks.

– Get to know brands and PR’s via their social media networks. Do some investigative work and see what sorts of bloggers other brands work with, and what their styles are. How would you work with this brand and their style if you had the opportunity? Think about how your blog could work with that particular brand, would you be a good fit?

– Monitor Source Bottle, and sign up to “Be A Source”. Source Bottle is an online resource that connects journalists with credible sources for their stories. It’s also great for bloggers too who are looking for resources for their site.

Sometimes, you can’t always sit back and let your blog do all the talking. A way to get noticed by a brand is by reaching out to that brand yourself.

Approach this as if you would a job application, with professionalism. Pitch your blog direct to a brand that you would like to work with by either getting on the phone to that organisation, or sending an email to the relevant brand representative.

Send a short and sweet email (brand managers and PR’s are time poor, so lengthy emails wont grab their attention), that tells them upfront who you are, what your blog is all about, and what you’re looking for. Attach your media kit as well so they can take a look at your stats and key information.

When deciding which brands to work with, it’s important to remember that your blog is a representation of your brand.

Your brand, depends on the brands you associate and work with.

One final tip I have is don’t work with just any brand because they have approached you and are offering you a complimentary service or product. You need to think about whether or not it’s a brand you know and love, and more importantly; is it a brand that your readers will know and love and be interested in reading about?

You also need to consider whether this product has a story to tell? How will you integrate this product into a post or story on your site?

Have you just started out in the blogosphere? How are you finding working with brands?

Dak & Co can help you connect with these brands, just contact us for a chat!