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Dak & Co believe that in today’s rapidly growing and forever changing digital market, having a presence on social media is ESSENTIAL for small business. Many potential customers and clients search online via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to investigate and research brands and products to suit their needs.

It’s incredibly important for all businesses to have an up-to-date social media presence.

I want to make clear that social media isn’t a negative thing.

Large businesses and corporations use it every day to connect with their clients and customers in order to build relationships, share messages and direct sales and revenue to their business. Gone are the days where you could only gather information about a business from a phonebook or basic website. Now, what most people search for first when they are looking for a particular service, is a businesses social media accounts.

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, potential clients and customers are going to look for businesses on these mediums. Why? Because they like to find out as MUCH as they can about that business before they invest their time and money into the service.

For example, various restaurants and cafes will use Instagram or Facebook to share their new menu items, specials or creative food experiments so that their followers and potential customers can see exactly what they’re up to. They use social media as a selling point too.

Think about it, how often are you tempted by a bright, colourful and delicious looking stack of pancakes or acai bowl that pops up on your Instagram? Photos. Sell.

A lot of what Dak & Co is all about is teaching small business owners tips and tricks and showing them strategies for managing their social media outlets. I have listed a few tips below for those small businesses who are looking a quick social media fix!

  • Don’t try and be present on every social media site. Trust me, you won’t be able to manage it all. Just because there is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google +, Youtube, Tumblr and various other sites out there, don’t feel as though you need to be present on all of them. I am a big believer in less is more. So, why not manage 2-3 accounts – or even 1 if you’re just getting started, and do these accounts well?
  • Don’t always self promote. Social media isn’t JUST for selling, it’s also for building and maintaining relationships, as well as influencing purchasing and interest in your product. Businesses should do this in a way so that they stay top of mind when a need arrises for a customer to use their services. Focus on 20% self promotional content, and 80% on other content.
  • Don’t try and cater to everyone. Pick who your specific target market is – who you best want to serve, and run with it. Having this idea of who you want to attract will also aid in deciding what content to post as well.
  • Most importantly BE ACTIVE. There is nothing worse then heading over to a businesses social media account to find that they haven’t posted anything since May 2012… it’s not a good look. You simply cannot create a profile, and then not use it – you might as well not have on in the first place!
  • Also, you don’t have to be active just through posting content on your own page – through commenting, re tweeting or engaging in hashtags, you can engage and drive traffic to your page and/or website. If your business is having trouble keeping up with posting schedules, this is where Dak & Co can come in and assist you!

Small business owners, don’t feel as though social media is a waste of time for your business – it is equally as important as the other aspects that support your business as well! Contact us today to chat about social media strategies for your business.