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Instagram, an app that allows social media users to share photos and videos and updates about their lives in a variety of ways; has A LOT going on at the moment.

From originally being an app where you could only upload photos, edit them slightly, throw in a few hashtags and upload for all your friends to see, so much has now changed.

Now, there are a variety of ways in which you can use the platform, which means it can be difficult to keep up with the latest updates and cool things that you can do!

To help you out a little so that you can get the most out of your Instagram account, or one that you run for a client – here are a few Instagram app updates that you should be aware of and look to using!

Polls on Instagram stories

This new feature has been going nuts lately!

Whether you’re wanting to obtain follower feedback on a particular product, or ask them for their opinion on a particular service you may offer, it is now easy to gauge your followers thoughts via a poll sticker that can be used on Instagram stories.

After you have shared your poll, you can see live results as they come through and you can reflect on the results in the analytics page on your account.

Go live with a friend

A lot of influencers and co business owners have been taking advantage of this feature which enables you to host live videos with another host.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to host live videos on your own, so this shared hosting feature helps to split the video (it actually splits the screen into two). Your viewers can still like and comment and follow along as well.

This feature (still in the testing process) will be rolling out globally in the coming months.

More transparency about commercial relationships

You may have already seen some posts that have this, or have read about it in online blogs etc, but Instagram is slowly introducing a “Paid Partnership” sub-header on posts and stories where a commercial relationship exists between the curator and and influencer/publisher.

This new tool will allow a creator to tag the business or brand that they are partnering with, which will ensure that the nature of their relationship is more transparent to the community.

Posting albums of photos that are both landscape and portrait size

Now that we can upload a post which showcases a range of images in an album, we now have more flexibility with with the ability to share both landscape and portrait images, not just square.

Saving images as drafts

This feature is great for those that like to plan ahead their posts, or want to save a particular post or caption for a later day.

At Dak & Co we use this feature to pre plan our clients Instagram posts for the week ahead, so we are able to have the image, caption, hashtags and tags ready ahead of time, and all we need to do is click post when the time comes!

We hope that a few of these Instagram updates are of interest to you.

Of course, Instagram is developing each and every day, so we can only expect many more insightful and useful updates to come!