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In order to succeed with your social media, its important to stay ahead of the game and understand the latest social media trends

Read on to learn about some of the 2019 social media trends, and how you can dominate your social media presence!

Produce Video Content 

Each year video content on both Instagram and Facebook continues to grow, and in 2019 expect to see it dominate the market once again.

This year we are going to see the popularity of filming live videos start to rise, as the trend begins to take over Facebook & Instagram.

Live videos boost the trustworthiness and relevance of any brand, so definitely consider adding a video content strategy into you social media plan for 2019.

Work With Micro Influencers

We all know that working with social media influencers has become a major trend. Brands are aligning and working with them to assist in selling their products/services and boosting their profile.

We encourage all clients to have an influencer marketing strategy in place, as this is a great way to build a community and boost the reach of their products and services.

However, as the number of social media influencers has grown, prices for their services has skyrocketed, which means it leads businesses to look at other alternatives, such as working with micro influencers.

Micro influencers generally have below 10,000 followers, but most of their followers are genuinely engaged with what they post.

Engage With Your Audience

In 2019, it’s super important to constantly be engaging with your audience. If you want to succeed with your social media presence, then you have to understand that social media is not a one-sided conversation.

Your audience will want to engage with you, which means you need to engage back. Take time to engage by using Instagram stories, live videos, as well as responding to messages and comments regularly.


In 2019, you need to have consistent branding and personalisation across all your social media platforms, as well as your other marketing material – content, products, emails etc.

Everything should be personalised in 2019.

Real Time Communication

The social media trend that will make the biggest impact in 2019 is 24/7 customer service and real time connections.

As we know, social media never sleeps. Customers want questions answered, queries tended to and want to talk and communicate via social media platforms.

In 2019, consumers are projected to expect immediate responses on Facebook and Instagram.

These are trends that will continue to make a significant impact on social media in 2019.

If there is a particular trend that you see here that you want to explore further and aren’t sure how, get in touch!