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9 Creative and Interesting Instagram Post Ideas

Research shows that social media is the FIRST place people go to, to find out more about a brand, product or service they are interested in before they make a purchase.

One of the main social media platforms that they turn to, is Instagram.

With 800 million users engaging with this platform on a monthly basis (Source: Tech Crunch), Instagram is an incredibly powerful platform.

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To help you stay on top of your Instagram game, here is list of 9 creative and interesting Instagram post ideas that you can use for your business.

Share user-generated content

User generated content is content that is created and shared by your community, showcasing your brand.

The stories and content that your community creates, can be even more powerful than the content you are creating for your brand.

Sharing user generated content is a great way to engage your followers, and show them appreciation too!


Image via Qantas

Cause related marketing

Regularly work with a charity or cause related organisation? Share this with your community!

Your posts can’t always be about your business – you need to share the values and ideals that your company stands for, as well as the work that your business does for the community.

This shows your followers that there’s more to your business than the products or services that it provides.

Thought leadership

Visually showcase your expertise. This one is perfect for almost any business who can impress their audience by sharing tips on their industry.

Show your community why YOU are the expert in your particular field.

Product features and benefits

Associate your product with your brand values, heighten its exclusivity, or share how it solves a pressing problem of your audience.

This will generate enthusiasm among those your product suits best.

Go-To Skincare

Image via Go-To Skincare


Think about what sort of content pulls you in on Instagram and Facebook.

Generally, it’ll be a funny meme that your friend or a brand you follow has shared.

Memes can be really effective IF they are suitable for your brand and particular audience.

Behind the scenes

Consumers are getting tired of seeing only the glossy highlights of peoples lives and the businesses that they follow.

Yes, you still need to be professional online with the content that you share, but you should also show your community the hard work and commitment that goes into building and managing your brand.

This could be by taking them behind the scenes on the launch of a new project, or even by showing them around your office and showcasing your employees.

Take them on a journey – we guarantee they will enjoy coming along for the ride!

Stats & numbers

Consumers love facts and figures – especially if it’s about a topic they are really interested in.

Look into sharing facts and figures about your industry, ensuring that you’re keeping them relatable and easy for consumers to understand.

Customer & client testimonials

It’s really important to showcase the work you have done with others, as well as the way people feel about your products or service.

Share customer testimonials via short quotes or even in video form that are from the customers perspective.

Holidays, events & memorable days

Tap into major holidays, events and memorable days and develop an events calendar that has all of these inputed, so you can refer to and create content where necessary.

Ensure that they are relevant to your industry and audience.

Dak & Co

Struggling for more ideas, or need some tips on how to create unique content for your particular audience?

Get in touch, and we can assist with developing you a posting strategy.