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Now more than ever, it’s so important to maintain key connections with your clients & customers – no matter your industry.

If you want to generate more positive engagement on your social media channels, you must connect with your audience on an emotional level using valuable content that SOLVES their problems.

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When it comes to doing this on social, here are some tips:⁣

Speak to your target customer directly⁣

Develop and maintain a tone of voice for your brand & STICK TO IT.⁣

This voice is what you’ll use in your content and social media communications. These channels are personal for your readers, so don’t just speak to the masses.⁣

Talk to them like you’re sitting across the dinner table from one another . One-on-one communication is much more intimate and engaging than a mega-horn.⁣

Create unique, valuable insights for your followers⁣

People love exclusivity, so give your audience something they can’t find anywhere else and they’ll automatically gravitate towards you and spread the word.

This is especially true if you’re giving these insights away for free.⁣

Use humour, compassion, and empathy

Never underestimate the power of emotions. ⁣If someone can make you smile or shed a tear, you know there’s a pretty strong emotional bond there. ⁣
⁣These emotions are great to tap into because as humans, we love to relate.

Dak & Co

Listen first, before you talk

If you can provide helpful, informative or even entertaining content, people will want to connect with you. ⁣

Unfortunately, there are still many brands out there that take the “what’s in it for me” approach to social. ⁣

If you’re ready to flip the script, start by listening to your audience.⁣

Respond quickly⁣

Listening is just the first piece of the puzzle. You also need to respond to what you hear.⁣

According to The Social Habit, 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes online. ⁣

Set up alerts for each of your channels so that you’re straight on it when you receive a message or comment on your profile.

Dak & Co

Show your human side

Don’t reserve your unique personality for when you’re talking one-on-one with customers.⁣

Social media is a place where people can showcase their style and tone of voice. ⁣Since human beings connect with other humans, not just faceless corporations, it’s important to give your business a heart.

Need a little help with communicating with your target audience? Get in touch and let’s chat!⁣