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Content Creation, Copywriting & Social Media Services for Small Businesses

Dak & Co is ALL about social media for small business.

First, we meet with you and your business decision makers to understand what your requirements and goals are.

We also discuss specific timeframes, budgets and social media platforms to gain a better understanding of your business. 

Once we establish your business needs, we assess your business in the current market, and develop creative social media implementation strategies.

We present these strategies to you, and assess what the next step is.

From here we set the wheels in motion and begin creating content, and developing your social media presence (we love this bit!).


Need assistance with building your social media profile and not sure where to start?

Book a dedicated one-on-one consultation with us to review your social media situation, and determine your needs and a strategy moving forward.

In these consultations we will teach you:

  • how to develop your own personal social media strategy and how to implement it;

  • how to create content that is engaging and unique;

  • how to use a content calendar and scheduling tools;

  • tips and tricks for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (the three key social media channels); and

  • so much more!

1hr consultations start from just $99 and includes take-home resources!


This service is ideal for business owners who don’t have the time or resources to manage their own social media accounts. 

Our social media account management services include full content creation, scheduling and management of all social media accounts.

We create the content for you, schedule and post it to your accounts and then monitor the accounts for you, which means you’ve got time to spend on other parts of your business.

We work directly with you and your team to ensure that the social media accounts remain on brand, and are in line with whats happening in the business.

Contact us for pricing.


We create content for your brand!

We can supply you with ongoing content for you to use however you like on social media/online, or content for a specific campaign.

We also have packages that include content photography and social media captions/hashtags, so all you need to so is post them to your channels.

Contact us for pricing.


Have a website that needs updated text?

Want to write and send out an EDM and have no idea where to start?

We can write all the content you need for your website, newsletter and blog, as well as social media captions.

Contact us for pricing.