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Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency

Dak & Co is a Canberra, Australia based social media consultancy.

Founded by communications and social media wiz Jemma Mrdak, Dak & Co specialises in supporting businesses with their social media management, strategy and all other digital marketing needs.

Having studied public relations and digital marketing both in Australia and overseas, Jemma has also worked within both public and private organisations on their digital marketing campaigns.

She is also the founder of award winning lifestyle blog A Stylish Moment. Jemma knows just how important it is for a brand to develop a strong social media presence.

Through Dak & Co, Jemma help’s creative entrepreneurs and business owners make an impact by working with them to develop unique, creative and shareable content that can elevate and highlight their brand story.

No matter how small your business or brand, Jemma and her team can offer you a range of services that can create hype around your business.

We specialise in Social Media (Strategy Development, Content Creation & Account Management), Digital Marketing (Website SEO & Analytics, Email Marketing & more) as well as Copywriting.

At Dak & Co, we believe that digital marketing is about building a real connection with your current customers, followers, and potential audiences through developing the right voice and content online.

For a full list of rates and a breakdown on pricing, contact us so we can tailor a package to suit you.